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Important Notes

How to use Math editor ?

(1) Greek letters

\alpha, \Alpha, \beta, \Beta, \gamma, \Gamma, \pi, \Pi, \phi, \varphi, \mu, \Phi

(2) Operators

(a) \cos (2\theta) = \cos^2 \theta - \sin^2 \theta

(b) \lim\limits_{x \to \infty} \exp(-x) = 0

Powers and indices

(c) k_{n+1} = n^2 + k_n^2 - k_{n-1}

Sum and Integration

(a) \displaystyle\sum_{i=1}^{10} t_i

(b) \int\limits_a^b

a/b = a\over{b}

List of all Symbols and Formula