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Cinque Terre

Mass of the ring M = \(\rho\)L



Related Questions A thin wire of length L and uniform linear mass density \(\rho\) is bent into a circular loop with center at O as shown. The moment of inertia... Let I be moment of inertia of a uniform square plate about an axis AB that passes through its center and is parallel to two of its sides. CD is a... A thin uniform rod of mass M and length L has its moment of inertia I\(_1\) about its perpendicular bisector. The rod is bend in the form of... ne quarter section is cut from a uniform circular disc of radius R. This section has a mass M. It is made to rotate about a line perpendicular to its... A uniform flag pole of length L and mass M is pivoted on the ground with a frictionless hinge. The flag pole makes an angle \(\theta\) with the... Let \(I_1\) and \(I_2\) be the moment of inertiaof a uniform square plate about axes APC and OPO` respectively as shown in the Fig . P is... A mass m is moving at speed v perpendicular to a rod of length d and mass M = 6m which pivots around a frictionless axle running through its center.... An equilateral triangle ABC formed from a uniform wire has two small identical beads initially located at A. The triangle is set rotating about the... Moment of inertia of a rectangular plate about an axis passing through P and perpendicular to the plate is I. Then moment of PQR about an axis... Thee bodies have equal masses m. Body A is solid cylinder of radius R, body B is square lamina of side R, and body C is a solid sphere of radius R....
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