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Cinque Terre

Since resistance of voltage is 400 ohm,


Related Questions In the circuit shown the resistance of voltmeter is 10,000 ohm and that of ammeter is 20 ohm. The ammeter reading is 0.10 Amp and voltmeter reading... Resistance R1 and R2 each 60 ohm are connected in series as shown in Fig The Potential difference between A and B is kept 120 volt. Then what will be... A part of a circuit is shown in Fig . Here reading of ammeter is 5 ampere and voltmeter is 96V & voltmeter resistance is 480 ohm. The find the... Two bars of radius r and 2rare kept in contact as shown 20.116. An electric current l is passed through the bars. Which one of following is... Two batteries one of the emf 3V, internal resistance 1 ohm and the other of emf 15V, internal resistance 2 ohm are connected in series with a... By error, a student place moving-coil voltmeter V (nearly ideal) in series with the resistance in a circuit in order to read the current, as shown... A moving coil galvanometer of resistance 100 ohm is used as ammeter using a resistance 0.1 ohm. The maximum deflection current in the galvanometer is... A galvanometer coil has a resistance 90\(\Omega\) and full scale deflection current 10 mA. A 910\(\Omega\) resistance is connected in series with the... A battery of emf e0 = 10V is connected across a 1 m long uniform wire having 10 ohm\ m.Two cells of emf e1=2V and e2=4V having internal resistances... In the circuit shown in Fig 20.73 the heat produced the 5 ohm resistor due to the current flowing through it is 10 cal/s. (ieee 1981) The heat...
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