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If sum of two unit vectors is a unit vector then find the magnitude of their difference. (a)... Post date: 23 -Apr-20 0 418
If the anions (A) from hexagonal closest packing and cations (C) occupy only 2/3 octahedral voids... Post date: 20 -Feb-20 0 370
Milk is an example of (A) Emulsion (B) Suspension (C) Foam (D) Sol ... Post date: 18 -Feb-20 0 34
The enthalpy of tetramerization of X in gas phase (\(4X (g) \to X_4(g)\)) is -100 kJ/mol at 300 K.... Post date: 18 -Feb-20 0 803
The simplest amino acid is (a) Glycine (b) alanine (c) guanine (d) all of the above ... Post date: 14 -Feb-20 0 963
Indicate which nitrogen compound amongst the following would undergo Hofmann's reaction (i.e.... Post date: 13 -Feb-20 0 103
The stereochemistry of product is (a) dextro (b) laevo (c) meso (d) racemic ... Post date: 12 -Feb-20 0 557
n the destructive distillation of coal, at 443–503 K temperature, a middle oil or carbolic... Post date: 10 -Feb-20 0 859
Paragraph Compound (B) is (A) 2, 3–Dimethylbutane (B)... Post date: 10 -Feb-20 0 705
Solution set of the inequality ... Post date: 08 -Feb-20 0 304
The transition elements are (a) more reactive than group 1 elements (b) more reactive than... Post date: 08 -Feb-20 0 116
If the equation \({log_{12}(log_8(log_4x))\over log_{5}(log_4(log_y(log_2x)))}=0\) has a solution... Post date: 07 -Feb-20 0 596
In \(CH_3CH_2OH\) , the bond that undergoes heterolytic cleavage most readily is  [jee main... Post date: 22 -Jan-20 0 850
(a) 1       (b) 2 (c) 3       (d) 4 ... Post date: 21 -Jan-20 0 550
Nitrogen (I) oxide is produced by (jee advanced 1989) (A) Thermal decomposition of \(NH... Post date: 12 -Jan-20 0 439
Find the no. of solution, between 0 & \(2\pi\). Satisfying the equation \(cos3x+ cos 2x=... Post date: 12 -Jan-20 0 915
Number of principal solution of the equation \(tan3x-tan2x-tanx=0 ,\)  is (A) 3  ... Post date: 11 -Jan-20 0 477
The positive value of n > 3 satisfying the equation \({1\over sin({\pi\over n})}={1\over... Post date: 11 -Jan-20 0 45
If the standard deviation of the observations -5,-4,-3,-2,-1, 0, 1, 2,3,4,5, is  \(\sqrt{10}\)... Post date: 07 -Jan-20 0 456
In a triangle ABC with fixed base BC, the vertex A moves such that \(cosB +cosC =4sin^2{A\over2}\)... Post date: 29 -Dec-19 0 482
Given a triangle ABC with AB=2 and AC=1. Internal Bisector of \(\angle BAC\) intersects BC at D. If... Post date: 29 -Dec-19 0 187
The sum of the squares of direction cosines of a straight line is (A)... Post date: 28 -Dec-19 0 552
If the lines  \({x-1\over2}={y+1\over3}={z-1\over4}\) and... Post date: 28 -Dec-19 0 28
The area bounded in the first quadrant by the normal at (1, 2) on the curve y = 4x, x-axis &... Post date: 26 -Dec-19 0 606
The differential equation  \({dy\over dx}={3y\over2x}\)  represents a family of... Post date: 23 -Dec-19 0 516
Let the eccentricity of the hyperbola \({x^2\over a^2}-{y^2\over b^2}=1\)  be reciprocal... Post date: 23 -Dec-19 0 775
A normal to the hyperbola \(x ^2 -4y ^2 = 4\) meets the x and y axis at A and B respectively. If... Post date: 23 -Dec-19 0 595
A tangent to the ellipse \(4x^2+9y^2 =36 \)is cut by the tangent at the extremities of the major... Post date: 20 -Dec-19 0 553
If two distinct chords, drawn from the point (p, q) on the circle x\(^2\) + y\(^2\) = px + qy... Post date: 16 -Dec-19 0 863
For the elementary reaction 2A + B\(_2\)\(\to\)2AB. Calculate how much the rate of reaction will... Post date: 15 -Dec-19 0 543
The rate constant for a zero order reaction is 2 × 10\(^{-2}\) mol L\(^{-1}\) sec\(^{-1}\),... Post date: 15 -Dec-19 0 628
The following mechanism has been proposed for the reaction of NO with Br\(_2\) to form NOBr... Post date: 15 -Dec-19 0 818
A catalyst is a substance which(1983) (A) Increases the equilibrium concentration of the... Post date: 15 -Dec-19 0 207
If  (a,1/a) ,(b,1/b)(c,1/c) and (d,1/d)are four distinct point on a circle of radius 4 units... Post date: 14 -Dec-19 0 399
The line joining (5, 0) to (10 cos\(\theta\)\(\theta\), 10 sin\(\theta\)) is divided internally in... Post date: 14 -Dec-19 0 442
A normal is drawn at a point P(x, y) of a curve. It meets the x-axis and y-axis in the points A and... Post date: 13 -Dec-19 0 1 K
\(I=\int_0^{n\pi}{x\mid sinx\mid\over 1+\mid cosx\mid}dx\)is equal to \(100\pi ln2\), then the... Post date: 12 -Dec-19 0 473
\(\int_{-2}^2\mid 2x+3\mid dx\)  equals: (a) \(25\over 2\)    (b)25... Post date: 10 -Dec-19 0 966
C is a point on the circumference of a circle & D is the foot of the perpendicular from C on a... Post date: 05 -Dec-19 0 602
Sets A and B have 3 and 6 elements respectively. What can be the minimum number of elements in (A... Post date: 04 -Dec-19 0 283
Increasing the temperature of an aqueous solution will cause [IIT Screening 1993] (A) Decrease... Post date: 01 -Dec-19 0 82
Sum of the first n terms of the... Post date: 22 -Oct-19 0 738
Let \(\alpha_1\) and \(\alpha_2\) be two real values of \(\alpha\) for which the... Post date: 22 -Oct-19 0 618
Let a and b be positive integers. The value of xyz is 55 or 343/55, according as a, x, y, z, b are... Post date: 22 -Oct-19 0 661
If z1 & z2 are two complex numbers & if arg\({Z_1+Z_2\over{Z_1-Z_2}}={\pi\over{2}}\) but... Post date: 18 -Oct-19 0 82
If one solution of the equation \(x^3-2x^2+ax+10=0\) is the additive inverse of another, then... Post date: 18 -Oct-19 0 791
 If z1, z2 and z3 are complex numbers such that |Z1|=|Z2|=|Z3| =... Post date: 17 -Oct-19 0 546
A parabolic pulse given by equation y (in cm) = 0.3 – 0.1 (x – 5t)²  (y >... Post date: 14 -Oct-19 0 958
A chord attached to a vibrating string from divides it into 6 loops, when its tension is 36N. the... Post date: 14 -Oct-19 0 258
Find the molecular mass of a gas if the specific heats of the gas are \(C_P\)=0.2... Post date: 09 -Oct-19 0 611
wo arms of a U-tube have unequal diameters d1 = 10 mm and d2 = 1.0cm. If water (surface tension... Post date: 08 -Oct-19 0 73
A parallel plate capacitor has an electric field of 10\(^5\)V/m between the plates. If the charge... Post date: 06 -Oct-19 0 899
Seven capacitors each capacitance 2\(\mu\)F are connected in a configuration to obtain an effective... Post date: 06 -Oct-19 0 992
The loudness level at a distance R from a long linear source is found to be 40dB. At this point,... Post date: 03 -Oct-19 0 706
A chain of length L and mass M is hanging by fixing its upper end to rigid support. The tension in... Post date: 14 -Sep-19 0 173
Block A is placed on block B whose mass is greater than that of A. There is friction between blocks... Post date: 14 -Sep-19 0 662
A conducting rod PQ of length L= 1.0 m is moving with a uniform speed v=20 m/s in a uniform... Post date: 12 -Sep-19 0 419
A small square loop of wire of side l is placed inside a large square of wire of side L... Post date: 12 -Sep-19 0 695
Two infinite sheets of uniform charge density and \(+\sigma\) and \(-\sigma\) are... Post date: 11 -Sep-19 0 802
Under the influence of the coulomb field of charge +Q, a charge –q is moving around it in an... Post date: 11 -Sep-19 0 774
Two identical small conducting spheres, having charges of opposite sign, attract each other with a... Post date: 07 -Sep-19 0 975
A wire has a non- uniform cross- section as shown in Fig 20.63. A steady current flows through it.... Post date: 05 -Sep-19 0 556
The circuit shown has been operating for a long time. The instant after the switch in the circuit... Post date: 01 -Sep-19 0 616
The effective value of current i=2 sin100\(\pi\) t+2 sin (100\(\pi\)t+300°) is: (A)... Post date: 01 -Sep-19 0 873
Two coils A and B have coefficient of mutual inductance M=2H. The Magnetic flux passing through... Post date: 01 -Sep-19 0 84