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The best method to reduce random error is A) To change the instrument used for measurement B)... Post date: 13 -Apr-20 0 183
If the units of length and force are increased four times, then the unit of energy... Post date: 01 -Apr-20 0 858
Electrolytic reduction method is used in the extraction of (a) Highly electronegative... Post date: 12 -Mar-20 0 808
Extraction of zinc from zinc blende is achieved by (jee advanced 2007) (a) Electrolytic... Post date: 12 -Mar-20 0 753
\(\int 4sinxcos{x\over2}cos{3x\over2}dx\) ... Post date: 17 -Feb-20 0 1.03 K
Find the reagent used to bring about following conversions. ... Post date: 15 -Feb-20 0 799
Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? (a) Terylene: Condensation polymer of... Post date: 14 -Feb-20 0 617
Orlon is a polymer of- (a) Styrene (b) Tetrafluoroethylene (c) Vinyl chloride (d)... Post date: 14 -Feb-20 0 13
The final product (Z) is the following sequence of reactions \(CH _3CH_2 ... Post date: 11 -Feb-20 0 268
The compound with the highest boiling point is: (A) n–Pentane (B) n–Hexane (C)... Post date: 10 -Feb-20 0 665
The decreasing order of the anti-knocking value of octane number of the following is  \((I)... Post date: 09 -Feb-20 0 789
Positive numbers x, y and z satisfy \(xyz = 10^{11}\)  and \((log_{10} x) (log_{10} yz) +... Post date: 08 -Feb-20 0 219
The covalent radii of transition metals decrease from left to right in a period because (a) the... Post date: 08 -Feb-20 0 352
Which of the following statements is incorrect ? (a) The compounds formed by the 3d transition... Post date: 08 -Feb-20 0 883
Number of integral value(s) of x satisfying \(4(tan^{-1} x)^2+(tan^{-1} x)-3\le0\) (A) 1 (B)... Post date: 05 -Feb-20 0 912
Major product of this reaction is ... Post date: 25 -Jan-20 0 766
Hydrogen bonding is maximum in [jee main 1987] (A) ethanol (B) diethyl ether (C) ethyl... Post date: 22 -Jan-20 0 514
An organic compound  (A) with molecular formula \(C_7H_8O\) dissolves in NaOH and gives... Post date: 21 -Jan-20 0 623
When 50% solution of \(H_2SO_4\) is electrolysed by passing a current of high density at low... Post date: 12 -Jan-20 0 412
The number of solution of the equation, \(\displaystyle\sum_{r=1}^{5}cos(rx)=0\)   lying... Post date: 11 -Jan-20 0 952
If \(tan(\alpha)={x^2-x\over x^2-x+1}\) and  \(tan(\beta)={1\over 2x^2-2x+1}(x\ne0,1),\) ... Post date: 11 -Jan-20 0 351
The equation of the plane through the line of intersection of the planes 2x + y – z – 4... Post date: 28 -Dec-19 0 566
A variable plane \({x\over a}+{y\over b}+{z\over c}=1\) at a unit distance from origin cuts the... Post date: 28 -Dec-19 0 93
The eccentricity of the hyperbola whose latus rectum is 8 and conjugate axis is equal to half the... Post date: 23 -Dec-19 0 934
An ellipse passes through the points \(( - 3,1)\) and \((2, - 2)\) & its principal axis are... Post date: 22 -Dec-19 0 5
The length of the latus rectum of the hyperbola \({x^2\over a^2}-{y^2\over... Post date: 22 -Dec-19 0 178
The equation of the common tangent touching the circle (x – 3)\(^2\) + y\(^2\) = 9 and the... Post date: 16 -Dec-19 0 447
Suppose that the Sum consists entirely of hydrogen atom and releases the energy by the nuclear... Post date: 15 -Dec-19 0 239
\(2NOBr(g) \to 2N)(g) +Br_2(g)\). If nitrosyl bromide (NOBr) is 33.33% dissociation at... Post date: 04 -Dec-19 0 951
... Post date: 01 -Jan-70 0
The van’t Hoff factor for a dilute aqueoussolution of glucose is (A)... Post date: 01 -Dec-19 0 47
Find out total number of p𝜋-d𝜋 bonds present in any one of its structures in case... Post date: 30 -Nov-19 0 920
The parameter, on which the value of the determinant \(\begin{vmatrix} 1 & a & a^2... Post date: 20 -Oct-19 0 801
For A = \(\begin {vmatrix} 4 & 2i \\ i & 1 \end {vmatrix}\), (A – 2I) (A –... Post date: 20 -Oct-19 0 24
There are 10 red balls of different shades & 9 green balls of identical shades. Then the number... Post date: 20 -Oct-19 0 773
The quadratic polynomial P(x) = ax\(^2\) + bx + c has two different zeroes including –2. The... Post date: 19 -Oct-19 0 380
for all 'x',\(x^2+2ax+(10-3a)>0\) , then the interval in which ‘a’ lies is... Post date: 18 -Oct-19 0 647
if q1, q2, q3 are the roots of the equation, x\(^3\) + 64 = 0, then the value of the... Post date: 17 -Oct-19 0 566
A man walks a distance of 3 units from the origin towards the North-West (N 45° E) direction.... Post date: 17 -Oct-19 0 186
ne quarter section is cut from a uniform circular disc of radius R. This section has a mass M. It... Post date: 12 -Oct-19 0 111
A heavy seesaw (i.e., not mass less) is out of balance. A light girl sits on the end that is tilted... Post date: 12 -Oct-19 0 179
In a certain nuclear reactor, a radioactive nucleus is being produced at a constant rate =1000/s.... Post date: 11 -Oct-19 0 830
The rest mass of the deuteron,\(_1\)H\(^2\), is equivalent to an energy of 1876 MeV, the rest mass... Post date: 10 -Oct-19 0 883
Let u be denoted one atomic mass unit. One atom of an element of mass number A has mass exactly... Post date: 10 -Oct-19 0 516
A cylindrical block of length 0.4 m and area of cross-section 0.04m² is placed coaxially on a... Post date: 09 -Oct-19 0 500
Starting with the same initial conditions, and ideal gas expands from volume V\(_1\) to... Post date: 09 -Oct-19 0 929
the connection shown in Fig.  are established with the switch S open. How much charge will... Post date: 06 -Oct-19 0 499
A conducting ring of mass 2kg and radius 0.5m is placed on a smooth horizontal plane. The ring... Post date: 05 -Oct-19 0 474
Sound of wavelength \(\lambda\) passes through a Quincke’s tube which is adjusted to give a... Post date: 03 -Oct-19 0 464
Two plane mirrors are inclined at 70°. A ray incident on one mirror at an angle... Post date: 01 -Oct-19 0 217
A block of mass m is held at rest on a smooth horizontal floor. A light frictionless, small pulley... Post date: 20 -Sep-19 0 429
A simple pendulum having a bob of mass m is suspended from the ceiling of a car used in a stunt... Post date: 20 -Sep-19 0 100
A small block of mass m is kept on a rough inclined surface of inclination \(\theta\)fixed in a... Post date: 15 -Sep-19 0 816
A string of negligible mass going over a clamped pulley of mass m supports a block of mass M as... Post date: 14 -Sep-19 0 986
A uniform chain of length L and mass M is lying on a smooth table and one third of its length is... Post date: 14 -Sep-19 0 916
A block of mass 10kg is suspended through two light spring balances as shown in Fig. (A)... Post date: 13 -Sep-19 0 295
When a bird of weight W alights on a stretched wire, the tension T in the wire may be: (A)... Post date: 13 -Sep-19 0 567
As shown in the Fig. 22.85, P and Q are two coaxial conducting loops separate by some distance.... Post date: 12 -Sep-19 0 367
Two identical coaxial circular loops carry a current I each circulating in the same direction. If... Post date: 12 -Sep-19 0 787
A point charge +q & mass 100 gm experiences a force of 100 N at a point at a distance 20 cm... Post date: 09 -Sep-19 0 756
An electron of mass \(m_e\), initially at rest, moves through a certain distance in a uniform... Post date: 07 -Sep-19 0 55
L, C and R represents physical quantities inductance, capacitance and resistance. The combination... Post date: 03 -Sep-19 0 291
Prove that in case of oblique elastic collision of two particles of equal mass out of which one is... Post date: 31 -Aug-19 0 139
A rectangular loop with a sliding connector of length 10 cm is situated in uniform magnetic field... Post date: 31 -Aug-19 0 817
A circular plate of uniform thickness has a diameter of 56 cm. A circular portion of diameter 42 cm... Post date: 30 -Aug-19 0 570
Look at the drawing given in the Fig.  ,which has been drawn with ink of uniform... Post date: 29 -Aug-19 0 555